Welcome to LaST

Building intergenerational connections face to face and online 

LaST (Learning and Sharing Together) is an intergenerational programme which has been created and successfully used in Burnham, Buckinghamshire since 2002. 

Designed to be run as a partnership project between a primary school and a group of older people, LaSis ideally suited for use in sheltered housing schemes, residential care, day care or many other community settings.  Meetings can be face to face or online.

Based on nearly 20 years’ experience in Burnham, we have created the LaST  Toolkit in order to share our experience, ideas and materials.  The Toolkit includes  detailed guidance to help you get started and everything you need to run your own intergenerational programme for a school year based on 30 themed modules. Each module contains a detailed session plan and all the material you should need to run a 90 minute session. 

To find out more watch our videos below An introduction to LaST  and the LaST Guide to setting up and running an Intergenerational  Project using Zoom 

 Benefits of LaST:

  • LaST helps build a caring and connected community and fosters greater understanding, tolerance and respect between the generations. 
  • LaST helps to build self-esteem and confidence, reduces loneliness and isolation, and positively impacts on older people’s and children’s sense of wellbeing, in line with the Five Ways to Wellbeing approach championed by the NHS.
  • LaST has an important educational role, reinforcing and complementing classroom learning. It makes history come alive and helps to deliver on specific requirements of the National Curriculum. LaST also links with Ofsted’s Guidance on Personal Development and the Relationships and Health Education Curriculum.
  • LaST celebrates old memories and creates new memories for all
  • LaST but not least, older people and children want to be involved because it’s FUN!

Watch our videos below to find out more about the Benefits of LaST for Schools
and hear from children and older people about their experience of being part of the
Burnham Intergenerational Project